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Welcome to the beginning stages of your hedgehog adoption. To buy a hedgehog from us you will need to pass a small Adoption Quiz that is basic knowledge on taking care of your hedgehog, and fill out the Adoption Information Form. The quiz is to make sure you are ready to take good care of your hedgie. 


If your on our waiting list or have a reserved a hedgehog you must pass the Adoption Quiz and fill out the Adoption Form before you pick up your hedgehog.  You must try to complete the quiz with 90% accuracy at least a week before you pick up your hedgie. This will allow you time if you do not pass the first time. If you buy a hedgie at a meet and greet, visitation or short notice then you will be required to take the test and write down your info before you are allowed to buy and take them home. 


We understand this may seem very formal or excessive (and nobody likes tests), but its quite normal among breeders to take applications to quiz their customers. Especially since this is an exotic pet, we need to make sure that our customers know how to take care of these very special creatures. 


If you don't pass the first time, don't worry! We offer at least 5 tries, but please take this seriously and try to pass the first time. If you do not pass after 5 tries you wont be banned from buying a hedgehog from us, but you will have to wait 2 weeks before you can take the test again. This is to make sure you really want a hedgehog, so you can learn more about them, and to make sure you are not impulse buying. You will not lose your reservation, but will be charged babysitting fees if you fail to pick up your hedgehog after the 6 week mark of being weaned.  You may think this is us being greedy, but we actually consider them your hedgehog as soon as you put down the deposit. Hence why it is called "babysitting". 


Take note that any reservations or waiting list fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, but can transfer to another hedgehog if there is one available. So if you cancel your reservation completely you will not get your money back but instead it can be used in the future to buy a hedgehog from us as credit. 


Please only take the test if you have already put down a deposit, have gotten on one of our waiting lists or are planning to buy a hedgehog from us within two weeks.

This may go without saying...but someone cannot take the test for you. It must be taken by the sole owner of the hedgehog. If I see that you do not know anything about the questions on the test you will not be allowed to take the hedgehog home until you retake the test or know all of the questions on the test.

The Adoption Quiz is multiple choice and should only take about 5-10 minutes, although there is no time limit. Study up in our Basic Knowledge section to make sure you know your stuff. Its really not as hard as you probably think, its the just the basics that you need to know, and all of the information you need is in our Basic Knowledge page. Good luck! 

Adoption Quiz

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