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We will board your hedgehog! If you need to go out of town, are taking a vacation, or just need a couple days off we will take care of your hedgehog just like you would. They will have a warm spot saved just for them, fed, given treats, made sure that they have enough water and their cage cleaned accordingly. We do try and handle your hedgehog to make sure that he or she is getting enough attention, however they may not be very happy about it at first. If you keep bringing them back they will get used to the our smell and become more open. 


You will need to bring everything that they need, included their cage, food, toys, wheel and any kind of special needs they may need such as medication. If you have a hedgie bag, please bring it with you. It will be very beneficial to handling your hedgehog. If you do not have a hedgie bag we can use one of ours.


Daily Rates: $7

Weekly Rates: $45


You can schedule your hedgehogs vacation here with us in the appointments page, as well as pay for the duration in the hedgie store. You must pay up front, if you are paying online you must do so 24 hrs prior to dropping your hedgehog off. Or you may pay with cash, credit, or debit at the drop off. If you are going to be gone for longer than expected then please notify us as soon as possible. We will charge you the daily rate after your scheduled boarding and for any extra food they may have needed.


Medical: If there is anything wrong with your hedgehog, we will contact you first if it is something minor. If it is something very serious, like becoming gravely ill or breaking a limb we will immediately take them to the vet and contact you. We do not handle the vet finances, we will however give them whatever extra care that they need until you arrive to pick them up, providing that you can pay the vet over the phone for any expenses that they might have accrued.

Please Note: It is important that you know that we do not currently have pet insurance at the moment, so it will be as if you left your hedgehog with your very hedgehog knowledgeable neighbors. We will need you to sign a non-liability form before we can sit your hedgehog. 

Terms and Conditions

1. All hedgehogs must be healthy and illness free. If we feel the animal isn't in good health we have the right to refuse boarding. Any hedgehog being treated for any contagious illness or parasite will be refused.

2. You must bring your hedgehog's cage, food, bedding, treats, wheels, hides, toys. Any additional food or bedding required will be added to your invoice.

3. If your hedgehog becomes sick we will take it to our veterinarian, but you are responsible for all fees acquired from those visits.

4. In the unfortunate case that an animal should die or become ill we take no responsibility for it.

6. Any animal left more than 5 days past the pick up date without notification is deemed abandoned. At this time the hedgehog and all its belongings will become property of Happy-Heart Hedgies.

7. We are not responsible for any items left with us. Including wheels, hides, bowls, toys.

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