Kind of. If you hold them when there in a ball it definetly isnt like holding a cloud, it feels like blunt needles. But dont let this deter you, the better they know you the less they ball up and the less there quills will stand up. You can actually pat them, they kind of feel like a hair brush.

Its easier than it looks. Hedgehogs cant see very well, so putting your hand underneath their noses so they can smell you and then sliding your hand under them is a great way to pick them up. If they are in a ball, lay them legs down on a flat surface, like your belly for instance, let them slowly unball and then do the first step. Try not to touch them from behind first, it will probably scare them and they will either huff, hiss or ball up. To hold them on their backs, I like to start out patting their forheads with my whole hand and then when your hand is in the middle of their back flip them over. They usually aren't thrilled about this, lol. But they are very cute.



No, and no. Its a common misconception, so no worries. Hedgehogs cant shoot their quills, they are actually just very well built hair follicals. Hedgehogs are also part of the shrew family, while porcupines are part of the hystricognathi, rodent family.

Hedgehogs generally cost anywhere from $100-$350 from breeders in the USA. Prices reflect if the hedgehogs are pedigreed, from a USDA licensed breeder or a backyard breeder. Our hedgehogs are pedigreed and we are in the process of getting USDA licensed. So our prices sit at around $200-$250 per hoglet. Buying from a reputable breeder is more expensive because reputable breeders actually care about the hedgehogs heath opposed to backyard breeders. Backyard breeders generally show little interest in the health of animals and are out to make a quick buck. They don't care about inbreeding or taking them to the vet. You obviously want a healthy animal. Prices also reflect age, like if your getting a retired breeder or a brand new baby. They reflect color, if the color and markings are rare the more expensive a hedgehog will be. Such as very dark or black colors, charcoals, and odd eyed hedgehogs. Rare markings like split faces, blazes, and badger masks will also be included in pricing. Finally temperament comes into play, the grouchier the hedgehog the lower the price will be. Which will mostly only be included in the price if the hedgehog is older since babies personalities are sill being molded when you get them.



We generally have litters every month and sometimes every other month. Depending on how many breeding females we have and in what order we breed them in. We give our moms at least 3-5 months in between litters. As we grow we'll probably have about 2 litters a month. Each litter usually has at least 4 babies and can go up to 8. Sometimes we'll get a random 2 hoglets at time.

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