Miranda Justice
Apr 6, 2017

Any Vet recommendations in Western KY or close to Western KY


Edited: Apr 6, 2017

I'm trying to find a good vet to take my future Hedgie. I currently live in Madisonville, KY. So somewhere near me would be great. Probably in the Evansville, IN or Owensboro, KY area, since I'm pretty sure the vets in my town don't see Hedgehogs.

Kat Mullen -
Apr 7, 2017

I currently go to East Side Animal Hospital on Hwy 54 in Owensboro. I like them a lot, they are very knowledgeable. There is only one doctor there who is exotic pet (hedgehog) trained though so you'll have to schedule around when he works if you decide to go there. I was referred to Epperson's in Evansville by another breeder because at first I didn't think there were any vets in Owensboro that could specifically treat hedgehogs. Most vets can check your hedgehog out and give them a clean bill of health or help them with minor things, but if there are any complications with your hedgehog like broken limbs or digestive problems they will probably tell you to take your hedgehog to a vet who is trained with exotic pets. I would definitely just go to the exotic pet trained vet in the first place though so they can get familiar with your pet if anything does go wrong. Kind of just like having your primary care physician, the healthcare system wants you to keep seeing one doc so they get the whole scope. Hope this helps!

Chris Walker
Nov 13, 2017

My mom is a vet in Paducah and specialized in Erotic, and is currently working at West KY Animal hospital.


She has worked in Lexington at Penneyroyal Animal hospital, where most of clients were exotic.


Here name is Dr. Jennifer S. Walker, if you want to look her up


Gregory Walker

New Posts
  • Kat Mullen -
    Aug 17, 2017

    Ok, so this is like a huge debate. Along with what kind of bedding to use, wheels, and cages...blah, blah, blah. I usually will either use 32 oz rabbit water bottles with the nozzle that has a kind of pin in it that moves to let water out, they're from tractor supply and cost about $9 bucks each. They don't leak AT ALL, but sometimes our hedgehogs will have trouble using it. Or I'll use the glass 16 or 26 oz Living World water bottles that you can only find online usually (amazon), sometimes you can find them at Pets mart, and those are just a standard ball tip. They leak occasionally, not very often and they're definitely the easiest that I've found for hedgehogs to use. They are also about $9 or $10 bucks. There's also the new water bottle that has come out that's handmade out of a baby bottle by another breeder, and we just got one but were still training our hedgehog to use it, so results are up in the air. So what do you guys use that you like? Cuz I'm always on the prowl for an absolutely great water bottle.
  • Kat Mullen -
    Apr 1, 2017

    We feed ours Purina One sensitive systems, and throw in some Wild and Free Pure Balance but would love to hear what everybody is feeding their hedgehogs. And for how long you've been feeding them their current food, any complications or good reviews?

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