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Breeding Pair: Gamora & Tyrion

Breeding Dates: December 30th-january 4th


Due date: Beginning of February

Available to go home: Middle of March

Breeding Pair: Ellie & Koda

Breeding Dates: September 24th- October 4th

Due Date: End of October

Available To Go Home: Beginning-mid December

Current Litters

Gamora and Tyrion


Born: August 31st

Possibly Ready to Go Home: October 12th-19th

Coming Soon



Possibly Ready to Go Home:

Coming soon



Possibly Ready To Go Home: 

Breeding Info

We do not breed our hedgehogs at any time for any specific reason. For example we do not breed more during the holidays, or just because someone wants a specific color. We breed our hedgehogs accordingly to what our hedgies can handle. We try to space out and alternate breeding our females so that we don't have too many litters at once.
We breed our hedgehogs mainly for temperament and health, and if we breed some fantastic colors along the way then great! We do breed a variety of colors at the moment, right now we have mainly chocolate, grey, dark algerian, and pinto hedgies. Occasionally we will get some apricots and some all white or albinos. As we get more hedgehogs the colors will diversify.

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