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OUR STORY: How we started....


                Hi! My names Kat and I'm the owner of HHH, my husband steve and I take care of one very special Hedgehog. Hes the reason for this whole operation. The moment I saw the photo of Quill I fell in love and so did steve. we made a lot of our friends jealous and I thought...more people have to want hedgehogs like us, they're adorable! but can they afford them? I wanted to make a little business that sold quality, happy Hedgies at more affordable prices than some pet stores. As soon as the idea came out I had people telling me that they would like to buy one, and thus the Happy-Heart Hedgie business was born.


We are currently Hobby breeders and are in the process of getting USDA Licensed. We've expanded to where we are proud to call ourselves an established business and are ready to take our breeding to the next level! We will be honored to serve the community with the same decorum that we started with.

Weird fact about us:
When you come over to our house you'll probably see wedding photos, even though were not technically married. Why? Well because we're just that awesome. That and because we decided to have two weddings. One small wedding for my family in NH for my relatives who couldn't travel. And one big wedding here in KY for all of our friends and family who could travel. We still wear our wedding bands, but need the little piece of paper to make it official at our big wedding.
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