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Our site is still in progress, including our policies. Fees and information are subject to change.


A deposit is required to reserve a hedgehog.  If you have expressed interest in a hedgehog, it is not reserved until you submit a deposit. The deposit amount is $50.00, non-refundable and is deducted from the total price. By placing a deposit, you are agreeing to our policies. Deposits can be paid in person in cash, online via PayPal or you can mail a money order. When mailing a money order, the hedgehog is not reserved until the money order is received.  


Once a deposit has been received, the hedgehog will be marked reserved or sold. No hedgehog will be picked up until online payments have cleared IF paying online.  If a hedgehog is being shipped, we will not ship or schedule shipping until you have paid for the hedgehog AND shipping.


For Future Litters:  We accept deposits on babies from future litters as long as you understand that we cannot guarantee when a litter will arrive or what colors or genders will be in the litter. We do however have a Waiting List. You will be placed in our Waiting List if you make a deposit on babies in future litters. Please realize that the waiting list may be longer than how many hoglets are in a litter, you will move up in the line.


Not Yet Weaned Babies:  Once the baby is weaned, you will be expected to pay the remaining balance in full and pick-up the hedgehog within 7 days of the date weaned.  If you do not pay in full and pick up the hedgehog by the 7th day, a $3.00 per day per hedgehog fee will apply.  If you have not paid in full and picked up the hedgehog by the 14th day after the weaning date, you will forfeit your deposit and the hedgehog will be offered to the next buyer. IF you have pre-arranged a pickup date after the week of the weaning date you must pay the total of the baby-sitting fees and the remaining balance of the hedgehog before the 7 days are up after the weaning date.



Since we are an actual business we must follow Kentucky laws for taxation. A 6% tax fee will apply to all payments. So for example, deposits paid online $50.00 + 6% = $53.00. Payments sent using credit card, debit card, or PayPal balance are applied instantly. If you use the credit card option to checkout there will be a 2.9% fee applied to your total. 



We will contact you exactly 3 weeks after the babies have been born to choose which one you would like. You can see exactly when that is on our schedule.  When we contact you when it is your turn you need to respond within 24 hours and place your deposit of $50.00. We find this to be fair to you and other people on the waiting list. If you wait over 24 hours, then your place in line will have already been forfeit to the next person in line. If you would like to prepay $50.00 then you will have reserved a hedgehog of a gender you've chosen.  You can find out if anyone is on the waiting list or become part of our waiting list here



We accept visitors by APPOINTMENT ONLY. No drop-ins. We also have day jobs, and our house is probably a "tad" messy. Baby hedgehogs are not available for visitation until they reach 5 weeks of age. You can see how old they are on the schedule. We allow up to 4 individuals per meeting, so you may bring friends or family members. Any more than four people and it could be too much for the hedgehogs since they are typically timid creatures. We ask that you not bring children who are out of control, if your child can be moderately calm during the process then we will let them stay in the room with the hedgehogs. (We've had some really bad experiences, so I apologize if that sounds rude. Positive excitement about hedgehogs is always welcome ;)

We charge a $10.00 per 1 hour fee for time that we spend consulting potential buyers (or anyone just playing with hedgehogs), and $5 for a half an hour. If you buy a hedgehog that day or become part of our waiting list before your are seen, the consulting fee is waived. Payments must be placed before hand through paypal.


REFER A FRIEND: If you refer a friend and you have already made a deposit or have bought a hedgehog from us the consultation fee for them is waived. If you have been referred please have their full name.


DELIVERY: We will deliver! You can have your hedgie delivered to a location near you for a 25 dollar initial fee, then you will not be charged for up to 15 miles. After that its 1 dollar every 2 miles from our starting point in Owensboro, KY, reaching up to 150 miles. This calculation will be made through google maps and depending on what route we take. Routes will be as direct as possible. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as weather, traffic, and accidents, we may have to take alternate routes. We do not meet you at your house for security reasons, but we will meet you at the closest public location to your house. Before all deliveries hedgehogs must be paid in full.


RETURNS & EXCHANGES: You can return your hedgehog for a full refund within 1 days of obtaining them, and can return them within the first week (7 days) for a 60 percent refund. After the first week it goes down to 20 percent, and anything after the second week will be considered a rescue with no refund. You can exchange your hedgehog within the first 2 weeks of obtaining them, if there is another hedgehog available. We understand that pets have unique personalities and sometimes they are not always a good fit.


We will always accept a hedgehog back if you do not want them or cannot take care of them anymore, as a rescue. We prefer that you think of us first in the event that you are forfeiting your hedgehog, even though it may be embarrassing. We understand that life isnt always smooth, and want to make sure that your hedgehog is going to a good environment.


All cage setups and hedgie bags are not returnable or refundable, and must be ordered a week in advance of pick up since they are made to order. Cages and Starter kits are pick up items only and cannot be shipped.

*We retain the right to refuse any and all sales. We do not discriminate against any persons, but make logical and calculated decisions if we come to a conclusion not to sell to anyone. We also will not sell a hedgehog if anyone wants to breed without a pedigree or if they will unethically breed them. We usually only sell our hedgehogs only as pets, but will carefully consider new breeders. WHS is a product from inbreeding that kills hedgehogs, so making sure your hedgehog has clean family lines is important.




Congenital Guarantee:

Our hedgehogs come with a 1 year of age congenital health guarantee. If your hedgehog becomes ill because of a congenital health issue within 1 year your will need to provide a report from your vet along with a receipt and we will exchange your hedgehog with a new one (shipping not included) if the report is found valid. This exchange must take place with the next available litter. Proof of the congenital defect is required in a written document from a licensed veterinarian who regularly treats hedgehogs. 


WHS Guarantee:

All of our babies also come with a lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS). If your baby should develop WHS, they will be replaced at no charge with a new baby (except shipping charges). I will require a copy of a necropsy report showing positive WHS from a licensed veterinarian who regularly treats hedgehogs. 


General Health Guarantee:

We guarantee that to the best of our knowledge, all hedgehogs bred by us, do not have any health problems or diseases at the time of sale. We guarantee that our hedgehogs are healthy for up to 1 month. All physical, malnutrition, and neglect issues are excluded from our guarantee. To validate this health guarantee you must take your hedgehog to a licensed veterinarian who regularly treats hedgehogs within 1 week of obtaining them, and have a written report and receipt. We will exchange your hedgehog for another hedgehog (shipping not included) in the event that your hedgehog becomes sick within the first month, you must provide the veterinarian report and receipt.

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