Halloween Hedgie Box

Halloween Hedgie Box

Are you ready to get your hedgehog ready for spooky season? Look no further than our Halloween Hedgie Box! Providing chilling effects and cozy fall ambiance this October box has everything you need to make your hedgehog (and friends) get into the season. It comes with one tiny witch hat, one tiny velvet pumpkin, one tiny cauldron, a wood slice cauldron stand, two tiny hay bales, a tiny chalkboard sign post, mealworm treats, and a tiny broom! 

Our Magical Hedgicorn Treat Mix is available as an addon for extra fun and deliciousness. It comes with a tiny star cookie cutter and full instructions on how to make your hedgehog bite sized nutritious treats! The purple layered mix comes in a potion bottle  ✨

Although everything is adorable and hedgie size we don't reccomend leaving your hedgehog unattended with any of the products just to be safe. Let us know if you have any questions about our box and please tag us in any fall photoshoots so we can see how awesome your hedgehog looks! 🎃🍂🧙‍♀️

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