Magical Hedgicorn Treat Mix

Magical Hedgicorn Treat Mix

Our magical hedgicorn treat mix was made with the best organic ingredients to boost your hedgehogs health and be deviously delicious. Its layered with all hedgie friendly foods and meant to be mixed with unrefined coconut oil. When coconut oil cools into a hard layer you'll be able to use the adorable star cookie cutter provided and make purple bite sized treats that your hedgie will love.

Hedgie experts and owners figured out that putting coconut oil, flaxseed oil or salmon oil in their hedgies food helps keep their skin hydrated and helps digestion issues. The extra vitamins, omegas and antifungal properties from coconut oil are all bonuses when mixed with our treat mix.

The Hedgicorn Treat Mix has 4 layers of purple sweet potato powder, cricket powder, mealworms and a small amount of catnip. All meant to help boost protien levels, keep digestion normal, add vitamins and happiness. One to two treat stars every couple days is the reccomended serving size for your hedgehog, but adjust accordingly to your hedgehogs diet and weight. If your hedgehog has pre existing health conditions make sure to consult with your vet before feeding them something new.

Our potion bottle is sure to bring about seasonal spooky vibes and extra ambiance when making these treats for your hedgie. All bottles are sturdy glass with the cork sealed for freshness, made in a hex and curse free facility. Treat mix weighs approximately 3 oz and comes with full instructions. Not meant for topical use, refills are available in a holographic food grade bag. Do not feed your hedgehog more treats than recommended, it will probably give your hedgehog a runny bum....and nobody wants that, including your hedgehog.

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